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Subaru Levorg Fully Synthetic Longlife 5W30 1L

Subaru Levorg Fully Synthetic Longlife 5W30 1L
1 x 1L Millers Oil


A high performance mid SAPS fully synthetic petrol and diesel engine oil.

Suitable for use in petrol and diesel engines meeting Euro IV/V emissions standards, with or without diesel particulate filters. Particularly recommended for use in vehicles using variable service intervals and other vehicles that require a fuel-efficient lubricant.

Also suitable for use in those applications where ACEA C2 performance levels (except fuel economy benefits) are required and where VW 504 00, 507 00 is specified.
User Benefits

The high quality of this oil means that fuel economy is maximised at the same time as engine wear is being minimised
Oil viscosity or thickness is maintained even under the most severe of operating conditions thereby ensuring maximum engine protection
A mid SAPS formulation which is compatible with catalysts and diesel particulate filters (DPF�s)

Typical Characteristics
SAE Viscosity 5w30
Specific Gravity (at 15°C) 0.853
Kinematic Viscosity (at 100°C, cSt) 11.7
Kinematic Viscosity (at 40°C, cSt) 66.78
Viscosity Index 172
Pour Point (°C) <-30
Flash Point (°C) >200
Cold Crank Viscosity (cP) 6,600
TBN (mg KOH/gm) 7.44
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Reference: ICP13133
Price (inc vat) £7.25
Price (exc vat) £6.04
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Subaru Levorg Fully Synthetic Longlife 5W30 1L
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