How To Measure a Subaru EJ20/EJ25 Crankshaft Correctly

How To Measure a Subaru EJ20/EJ25 Crankshaft Correctly

This procedure is taken from the Subaru service manual and will be used as a reference only. We always recommend that a Subaru specialist carries out work

1) Clean the crankshaft completely and check for cracks by means of red lead check etc., and replace if defective.
2) Measure the crankshaft bend, and correct or replace if it exceeds the limit.
If a suitable V-block is not available, install the #1 and #5 crankshaft bearing on cylinder block, position the crankshaft on these bearings and measure the crankshaft bend using a dial gauge. Crankshaft bend limit: 0.035 mm (0.0014 in)

3) Inspect the crank journal and crank pin for wear. If they are not within the specifications, replace the bearing with a suitable (undersize) one, and then
replace or recondition the crankshaft as necessary. When grinding the crank journal or crank pin, finish them to specified dimensions according to the undersize bearing to be used.
Crank pin and crank journal:
Out-of-roundness 0.005 mm (0.0002 in) or less
Taper limit 0.07 mm (0.0028 in)
Grinding limit 0.250 mm (0.0098 in)

4) Measure the thrust clearance of crankshaft at center bearing. If the clearance exceeds the limit, replace the bearing.
Crankshaft thrust clearance:
Standard 0.030 — 0.115 mm (0.0012 — 0.0045 in)
Limit 0.25 mm (0.0098 in)
5) Inspect individual crankshaft bearings for signs of flaking, seizure, melting, and wear.
6) Measure the oil clearance on each crankshaft bearing by means of plastigauge. If the measurement is not within the specification, replace the defective bearing with an undersize one, and replace or recondition the crankshaft as necessary.

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